anwi1017 (anwi1017) wrote in divertissements,

Lost 4x05 - The Constant

 SQUEE!!!!! It's kind of coming together ... and, well, not.
Time travel - well what do you know about that!? Is that any surprise to any of us now? Heck, nothing will surprise me now.

Very pleased to see (and remember) The Black Rock references - Hanso (recall those fake commericals during season 2)  family had the journal of the second mate, hmmm from one of your Dharma teams no doubt. And, see, Penny's dad is in the thick of it. Aha!

The consciousness is what's traveling in time, that's a cool twist. "Has Desmond been exposed to radiation or a magnetic field?" Er, yea like the full blast of a contaiment field, would that count? Daniel has experienced time travel, was he crying about the Oceanic Wreckage because he had a flash of meeting the survivors?
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