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Lost - "The Other Woman" & "Ji Yeon"

 Okay, in light of last week's episode, the answer to my icon's query might be - "yeah, kind of..."

Ben is my new favorite character - creepy, manipulating, nuts - squee, he's like the best villain ever. And apparently the jealous type!

Last night's episode was all oh noes! Thanks for the tricky flash backs/flash forwards writers! Sun is one of the Oceanic Six - so that's Jack, Kate, Hugo, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron? Does Aaron count? Or is the sixth Ben? Oy, my head. So, is Ji really "dead" or did he stay on the island with everyone else? He may be dead, but he's promised to protect Sun and the baby. Next week promises some one will DIE.

On to the freighter... that's some serious "cabin fever" if you're throwing yourself off the boat or poppin' a cap in yo' head. And that captain - I think everyone should take the X-files approach and trust no one.

Okay, so Ben has named Charles Widmore his nemesis. I was thinking that too, but now that Ben's called him out, I may need to hedge my bets. I do believe Penny's dad is in charge of the freighter gang and he wants something from the Island, but I don't buy Ben's explanation, completely. If the captain is being truthful, if Widmore didn't stage the plane wreckage, complete with bodies, who did? What kind of power does Ben have behind him? Looks like more than Widmore.
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Awwwww, JIN! :'( I was all sad at the graveside. Jin has become so much more likable since he's been on the island, and he's learned so much about Sun and how to love her; it's just beautiful, and I don't want him to die! I'm hoping he's on the island with everybody else. Something about the way Sun said she missed me makes me suspect... maybe..................

I'm definitely getting more and more curious about Ben, but I gotta say, I like him less and less every episode. He's responsible for so many deaths and so much misery! I can't imagine a scenario that could redeem him. Which probably is the very best argument I can offer that he's actually going to end up being a REALLY good guy. O_o.

that's some serious "cabin fever" if you're throwing yourself off the boat or poppin' a cap in yo' head. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! True dat.

Can I say that, even while I was awfully happy to see Michael/Kevin again, I was absolutely gutted that it wasn't Charlie? CHARLIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. /predictable wail
But OMG, let me not forget to add this:


There has never been a more cathartic TV/movie slap than Sun's. I wanted to jump into my TV and throttle her. BITCH OMG! I don't care why she said it, whether it was for Sun's good or not, whether it was the only way to save her or not -- she had NO business telling Jin that Sun had had an affair and hadn't been sure whose baby Ji Yeon was. *eyeballs leap from sockets* Unforgivable. *smackety-smackety-slap*
OMG, no shit! Sun should have punched da bitch. Ben's welcome to her.
That's what I thought! "Slap? What? Aw HELL no -- you need to LAY one on that bitch!" *does head-weave-y thing*
That would be "something about the way Sun said she missed HIM," not "me." To my knowledge, Sun does not miss me. But you never know.
*rereads previous sentence* Oh, right, didn't even notice that. Absolutely right, the way she said she missed Jin can suggest he's still on the Island.
I found the whole Michael is the spy thing an anticlimax because I kept seeing Harold's name in the credits and wondering when he'd show up. The best part I've heard through the theory grapevine is that Ben sent Michael and Walt on a heading away from the Island that would take them significantly back in time. 'Cos you know Ben's got Walt stashed somewhere to pull Michael's strings. That Sayid is a smooth operator, "nice to meet you, Kevin." Need a Sayid icon.

Ben is the ultimate smarmy villain. *glee*
How it is that I haven't developed a crush on Naveen Andrews yet really does escape me. I mean, Sayid is just as smooth as he can possibly be. Oh, AND HE'S ENGLISH. If you get a Sayid icon, I'll no doubt drool over it.

Michael's gotta be having a huge crisis of morality all this time. Poor guy, I hope he doesn't turn out to be too bad a guy.